15th Annual Farmington Community EXPO on Sat, Jan 26th!

Farmington Community EXPOThis year marks the 15th Annual Farmington Community EXPO, an annual event that showcases Farmington Area businesses and organizations for our school district residents.  We have come a long way in those 15 years.  This year we have nearly 120 vendors bringing their message to the community, and we expect over 2500 community members to visit their exhibits.

The Farmington Community EXPO began during the late 1990’s when the community was experiencing rapid growth.  The CEEF (Castle Rock, Empire, Eureka and Farmington) Enhancement Group and Farmington Area Community Education formed a partnership to co-sponsor the EXPO.  Farmington was at the leading edge of the trend towards informational expositions and conventions.  The EXPO was well received, and grew rapidly as the years progressed.  Today it is an annual event that is eagerly awaited by exhibitors and guests alike.  Many of our exhibitors have been at the EXPO for over 5 years.  You can recognize these exhibitors by the 5+ year exhibitor signs on their booth.  Kris Akin, one of the original planners for the EXPO, states that “The Farmington Community EXPO gives community members a place to connect with their neighbors and learn about local businesses and organizations in Farmington.”

At the EXPO you will find local businesses and organizations that meet a variety of needs, from government agencies, retail businesses, service organizations, religious organizations, to health care providers and financial management organizations and everything in between.  Over 2500 community members stop in to see the displays and talk with their neighbors.

Each year we hear residents say “I didn’t know that Farmington had so many local businesses.”  That makes all our efforts worthwhile.  If you want to know what great services and products are available right here in our community, the EXPO is the place to see what makes our community a great place to live, work and play.  The EXPO will be held Saturday, Jan 26 from 9 am to noon at Farmington High School.  Be sure to put it on your calendar today!

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