Summer Safety and Water Safety

Three questions with three simple answers. What is the best way to get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. What are the three most important in real estate? Location, location, location. What is the most important thing for your family this summer? Safety, safety, safety. Okay, enough of the threes; but many, many, many people believe very strongly in those first two questions. As you plan activities for you and your family this summer, help ensure your safety and theirs.

For those sunny days, drink lots of water and apply sunscreen with SPF 30 (or higher) protection. Remember that sunscreen may need to be reapplied, especially if/when going in and out of water. On days when the weather may change for the worse, be prepared for severe weather. Know if a “watch” is in the forecast. If a weather siren is heard, that means there is a “warning” very near. For a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning, you need to seek safety in a lower level of a sound structure – like a basement. If that is not possible, get to an interior room of a building away from windows. If you are caught outside in a lightning storm, do NOT seek shelter underneath a tree. Get inside a building.

Road Trip-
Whether heading out for the day or the weekend, on a bike or in the car, let somebody know where you are going and when you plan to be back. If possible, bring a cell phone so that you can contact people if/when necessary and when it can be used safely. In the car, buckle up and avoid distractions. On a bike, wear a helmet and ride on a designated path or on the right side going the same direction as the cars. Stop at stop signs and obey speed limits too. At night, it is actually a MN law that your bike has working lights on the front and back.

At the Pool/Beach-
Never swim alone! If something happens, there is no one to help or get help. Always try to swim at a facility that has trained/certified lifeguards. Know your limits. Swimming across the lake or river may be too difficult. Small children, or even adults, that are weak swimmers should wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket … even at a pool. Take swim lessons. Check for upcoming classes at Dodge Middle School. Call the indoor pool at 651-460-1515 with questions about lessons.

Wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket. Over 90% of drownings in lakes and rivers happen to people who were not wearing a life jacket. Most people who drown in open water did not intend to go IN the water. Even when fishing off of a dock, people can fall into the water, which is very cold much of the year; so wear a life jacket. In MN, it is a law anyone age 12 or younger must always wear a lifejacket while on the boat and that a boat 16’or longer have enough life jackets for everyone on board to wear and one additional one that could be thrown to someone who may have fallen overboard.

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